Spoilers: Who is going to die on Revenge? Plus: Franklin & Bash, Criminal Minds, Happy Endings, Ringer

Will Victoria soon get some hot lovin’ on Revenge? Who does Grandpa Grayson prefer, Victoria or Conrad? Do we know yet who dies in episode 15? What kind of misconduct is Jared involved in on Franklin & Bash? Is a Hotch-Prentiss romance in the cards for Criminal Minds? Are Morgan and Garcia getting a little too friendly? Which Dexter alum has a love for Steak in Happy Endings? Who is Alex’s new boyfriend? Will Henry find out about Siobhan on Ringer? When are we going to learn Siobhan’s agenda?

Revenge | Will Victoria soon get some hot lovin’? Just because we’ve already seen her woo quite a few men, doesn’t mean there isn’t always room for one more. Starting in episode 17, Rome countryman James Purefoy is set to guest star as Victoria’s new love interest. And that’s not all, Madeleine Stowe explains to TheInsider, “The next number of episodes, you’ll see some of [Victoria’s] origins. You’ll see why she connects so peculiarly in such a strange way to people.”

But first, who does Grandpa Grayson prefer, Victoria or Conrad? Well, let’s just say that when the family patriarch, guest star William Devane (Knots Landing, 24), drops by on Feb. 8 in the episode “Perception” it won’t be to support his son, Conrad. “Grandpa Grayson has very special affection for Victoria,” Stowe tells TheInsider. “They adore each other and she’s using him to turn the tables back on Conrad. He pumps some lifeblood into the show.”

And most importantly, do we know yet who dies in episode 15? Though the cast of course couldn’t say, Christa B. Allen was willing to tell E!Online, “I think some of us saw it coming.” And the murderer? “We allude to who did it, but we don’t confirm,” Allen says. Viewers will “have at least three or four Clue suspects,” Connor Paolo adds. “From the way the script is written, it hints that it could’ve gone a couple different ways.” Keep the Daniel prayer chain going, everyone!

Franklin & Bash | What kind of misconduct is Jared involved in? The titular duo may have been lucky to get away with many of their courtroom antics, but very soon an Infeld-Daniels senior partner will be coming to town to investigate. Still, it’s who comes along, too, that’s going to be Jared Franklin’s main problem. According to TVLine, Shiri Appleby (Life Unexpected) has been cast in a multi-episode arc as an associate that gets involved in some misconduct of her own with Jared after she develops feelings for him.

Criminal Minds | Is a Hotch-Prentiss romance in the cards? Fans were given a little bit of hope in the episode “The Bittersweet Science” that Hotch was ready to date again after his ex-wife’s death, but showrunner Erica Messer says it’s now actually Prentiss who still has a lot of healing to do. “I know a lot of people out there want those two together, and it’s not to say it will never happen,” Messer tells TVLine. “But for right now, they’re not ready for each other.”

Meanwhile, are Morgan and Garcia getting a little too friendly? After a fight with her boyfriend Kevin in the Feb. 8 episode “Snake Eyes,” word is the two will get closer than ever before. “I will tease that she sees him in only a towel,” Messer reveals to EW. And in case you’re worried the moment might go too far, Messer assures EW it’s just a tease: “[Some] might wonder, ‘What just happened? Was that a dream?’”

Happy Endings | Which Dexter alum has a love for Steak? In an upcoming episode, Colin Hanks will put his serial killer past behind him to visit Chicago as a character he knows all too well – himself. EW reports that the actor is set to guest star as a new celebrity friend of Dave who wants to check out the biggest hotspot in town, Dave’s food truck Steam Me Home Tonight.

And who is Alex’s new boyfriend? Per TVGuide, it turns out the new guy, though he is tall and hot, is also a total dud. That is, until the couple fights and engages in some passionate make-up sex, then he becomes like a tiger in the sack. Rawr! Things quickly take a turn for the worse though when they resort to intentionally fighting in order to keep the love going.

Ringer | Will Henry find out about Siobhan? TVGuide has the exclusive one-sheet just released for February sweeps, which shows Siobhan and Henry getting cozy along with the ominous tagline: “He’s on to her. And that’s exactly what she wanted.” Kristopher Polaha elaborated on this possible new development, “When Siobhan comes back to New York, and [with] Henry being such a strong part of her life, there has to be, at some point, some intersections.”

And when are we going to learn Siobhan’s agenda? Very very soon. “There’s one singular incident that drove this gigantic wedge between the sisters and we’re going to discover what that is,” executive producer Eric Charmelo tells TVGuide. “And why Bridget is on this path of redemption and why Siobhan is on this path of revenge.” Is it February, yet?

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