Spoilers: Will Bridget Spill Her Secret to Andrew on Ringer? Plus: New Girl, Switched at Birth, Raising Hope & Glee

Will Bridget spill her secret to Andrew on Ringer? Plus, what’s this about someone being shot? Are Schmidt and Cece about to give everyone an eyeful on New Girl? And which Party Down star is stopping by the show? Could Regina be hiding another big secret on Switched at Birth? Is the Chance family really going to church on Raising Hope? Will Rachel accept Finn’s proposal on Glee?

Ringer | Will Bridget spill her secret to Andrew? That depends on which secret you’re talking about. EP Pam Vesey was a little cagey on the details to TVLine, except to say, “Bridget has to come clean to Andrew on some really major secret that deals with identity.” My guess is the big secret will be something about her past, and they’ll save Bridget’s big reveal for the moment we least expect it.

Plus, what’s this about someone being shot? Sarah Michelle Gellar recently chatted with TVGuide on the Golden Globes’ red carpet, and she may have let a major detail slip: “Next week we’re shooting a main character.” Woah! Could this event take place in the past? Who do you think it will be?

And don’t forget to check out these photos and a trailer for the show’s big return “It Just Got Normal” on Jan. 31.

New Girl | Are Schmidt and Cece about to give everyone an eyeful? Per TVGuide, it seems like the strange and unpredictable twosome share at least one thing in common: their penchant for public lovemaking. Birds of a feather flock together and all that. What’s more, in the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode, Cece will get into a catfight with another girl over something that belongs to her. Could the something or someone in question be Schmidt?

And which Party Down star is stopping by the show? E!Online reports that Martin Starr (who was the hardcore sci-fi nerd Roman DeBeers on Party Down) will be playing Dirk, an old friend of Nick’s from law school who recently broke off his engagement to his fiancée. Uh oh, drama and crying could be coming to the New Girl loft!

Switched at Birth | Could Regina be hiding another big secret? That’s what the hospital involved in the Kennish’s lawsuit would have everyone believe. The word from TVAddict is the hospital will soon take a surprising and desperate stab at Regina, and they’ll accuse her of switching out the babies to cover up her alcohol abuse. Now, that’s dirty.

Raising Hope | Is the Chance family really going to church? It appears so! According to E!Online, in an upcoming episode titled “Hogging All the Credit,” Jimmy and the gang head to their local church and meet a blind organ player named Carl. Turns out Carl doesn’t exactly have a seeing-eye dog, poor guy is allergic, but instead he’s guided around by a seeing-eye pig! Still, the Chance family in church? I wonder if this pig flies, too.

Glee | Will Rachel accept Finn’s proposal? While we won’t get an actual answer until Glee returns next week with their big episode “Michael” on Jan. 31, there are a few pieces of evidence to help clue us in. First, there was the very important casting of Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes as Rachel’s dads. And now, a recent paparazzi shot shows Lea Michele wearing the prized engagement ring while on set. The chances are looking good, guys!

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