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Outlander Sneak Peeks: Jamie Takes Claire to Lallybroch

Outlander - Lallybroch

Claire Fraser’s life in 1743, Scotland has been anything but easy.

Ever since she traveled back in time from 1945, Claire’s been assaulted, kidnapped and even almost burned at the stake. But despite all this, in last week’s episode of Outlander, Claire chose to stay behind in the past to continue her life with new husband Jamie, rather than return to the future and husband Frank. And that’s after she finally revealed to Jamie the truth about her time traveling adventures, which he actually took very well for someone from, well, anytime.

It was a big moment for the series, to say the least, and in tonight’s episode, titled “Lallybroch,” the two will try to put the past behind them. They’ll make the journey away from Captain “Black Jack” Randall and Castle Leoch to Jamie’s family home, where more…

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