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Spoilers: Secret Circle, CSI: NY, HIMYM, Parks and Rec, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Hart of Dixie, Good Wife, Fringe, and more!

Which major book character from Secret Circle is finally coming to Chance Harbor? Will Mac finally be able to move on from his wife Claire in CSI: NY? Is love in the air for Barney on HIMYM? Which Will & Grace star is heading to Park and Rec‘s Pawnee?

Who’s this mysterious new lady Sage in Vampire Diaries? Is someone else going to learn about the Once Upon a Time curse? Could there be yet another love interest in store for Zoe on Hart of Dixie? Could Will be getting a new woman in his life in Good Wife? What’s coming up for Fringe? And more. (more…)

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Spoilers: Diaries’ mother returns, NCIS: LA partners married, and Secret Circle flashbacks

Whose long-lost mother will soon be helping to open up a few coffins on Vampire Diaries? Are fan-favorites Kensi and Deeks from NCIS: LA ready to be married? Who will be joining Cassie on Secret Circle for a trip down mstrongory lane? Guess who’s back in Ringer? And which dastardly relative is returning to Gossip Girl? (more…)

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Review: It’s times like this I pity the normals. They would never be this cool.

There’s no other show better prepared for a Halloween episode, than one that already focuses on witches and magic. But that’s not why this week’s episode of The Secret Circle is kind of my favorite so far.

No, that’s because we’re finally getting into some serious mythology. In “Masked”, Faye decides there’s been too much doom and gloom lately and convinces Cassie to throw a party, only to have some witch hunters use it to target the Circle. (more…)

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Review: The ceremony binds you to each others’ bloodlines.

One horrible split decision last week on The Secret Circle had the possibility of changing everyone’s lives forever, so you’d think this week we’d be experiencing the repercussions of that action. We do a little, but mostly I feel like it’s all just setup for what’s to come.

In “Wake” we see just what you’d expect, a wake for their fallen member of the circle who was killed last week. But what we also see is how quickly new character Jake has come in to derail the witches grief and take the missing member’s spot in the limelight. (more…)

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Review: Ours is not an easy life, Cassie. And witchcraft has never been about fun and games.

Now this is what I’m talking about. A lot of people thought last week’s episode of The Secret Circle was finally the one to break the show’s mold, but while I agree it was exciting, it didn’t really do much for me. This week’s episode though takes it to a whole different level.

Even though I knew how “Slither” would end, it didn’t make it any less powerful or heartbreaking. If you haven’t been watching the show thus far, this is the one you need to watch. It changes everything.  (more…)

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Radar Watch: TV Pickups, Case Histories Premieres, Once Upon a Time Castings and more!

TV Cancellations and Pickups

It was definitely an exciting week for those of us still stuck in our teen years or really passionate about young adult dramas. After canceling its new reality show H8R last week, The CW has given full seasons to all three of its new dramas Hart of Dixie, Ringer, and The Secret Circle. These three shows marked the first drama pickups for any of the networks so congrats! [Deadline] (more…)

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